Lucas is one of the main protagonists in Beyblade Metal Steel.

Lucas holds the title of "No. 1 Blader in the United Kingdom" and is a Blader of the Four Seasons representing Autumn. Lucas is known as a member of Team Wild Bladers.

Throughout the series Lucas had four beyblades: Storm Sagittario, Counter Aries, Evil Pegasus and Flash Pegasus.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lucas has short brown hair. His usual outfit consists of a t-shirt, shorts and white trainers. He keeps his beyblade gear in his pockets so he is ready to use it when he needs to. Occasionally he rides a turquoise BMX bike.

Lucas uses a blue rip cord launcher and a black launcher grip.


Lucas is a calm blader but is always ready to battle for himself and his friends. He loves to win battles but is fine when he loses. He would never turn down a battle, even from the strongest enemy!


  • Lucas uses a black launcher grip with a blue string launcher.
  • Lucas came up with the name "Team Wild Bladers" for his team in the tournament.