The New Beys is the first episode of Beyblade Metal Steel.


Two beybladers called Lucas Teague and Zack Abyss are riding their bikes but are stopped and confronted by another blader called Kai. Lucas challenges him to a battle, he accepts. The three launch their beys but Lucas' Counter Aries bounces out of the stadium whilst Zack's Dark Raven and Kai's Rock Orso battle - Zack wins. Lucas says they should be friends and enter an upcoming competition as Team Wild Bladers. They battle again and Zack wins once again. Whilst in the middle of a battle Lucas calls Zack and Kai over to the other side of the road claiming that he found some beyblades. They walk over to the beys and pick them up. Lucas finds an Evil Pegasus, Zack finds a Thermal Fox and Kai finds a Gravity Destroyer. Lucas and Zack battle and Lucas is defeated. After that, Zack and Kai battle and Zack wins.

Major EventsEdit



  • Counter Aries
  • Dark Raven
  • Rock Orso
  • Evil Pegasus
  • Thermal Fox
  • Gravity Destroyer

Featured BeybattlesEdit

  • Zack (Dark Raven) vs Kai (Rock Orso)
  • Lucas (Counter Aries) vs Zack (Dark Raven) vs Kai (Rock Orso)
  • Zack (Dark Raven) vs Kai (Rock Orso)
  • Lucas (Evil Pegasus) vs Zack (Thermal Fox)
  • Zack (Thermal Fox) vs Kai (Gravity Destroyer)